Finding Termites in your home can be very distressing and can be costly if not treated quickly.

We use state of the art equipment to track the termites back to their nest. We use only the best termite control pesticide on the market – Termidor.


I found Termites in my home!


Have you found live termites in your home or on your property?

First and most important thing – DO NOT disturb them.   Termites are extremely sensitive and if felt threatened or anything abnormal with their surroundings they can actually retract back to the nest wherever that may be, once this has occurred it can be extremely difficult for us and our cameras to detect the termites and points of entry etc.

Please do not spray with any normal insecticides etc as this certainly will not be effective and will void any warranty you will receive with our treatments.

If termites are found in your home, first of all try not to panic. We have treatments available for all species of termites and all types of properties.

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Termite Treatments

All our inspections are carried out by qualified pest control staff who are dedicated to making your home safer.

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