Termite Barriers are a fantastic way of protecting your home against Termites.

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Termite Barriers

Termite Barriers are a fantastic way of fully protecting your home against any destructive subterranean termite specie entering your home.

The two most popular post construction termite barriers consist of the drill and inject method and also underground station method.

Drill and inject – which includes drilling neat 12mm holes into the concrete around the external perimeter of your home , and also neatly trenching to install chemical around and under the slab of your home which provides a protective barrier when termites are tracking towards your home and come in contact with the chemical installed instantly starts to become effective. This barrier can provide protecting for up to 10 years to your home.

Underground Stations – consists of installing numerous underground stations around the perimeter of your home. These stations are child proof with a lockable lid. Neatly sitting underground any termites that are tracking towards your home are attracted to the stations which include an active constituent which starts to work immediately on live termites. These stations do require servicing every 6 months but can provide on going protection for your home.

Homes with a termite barrier that has been installed correctly will not experience any termite entry or damage.

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