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General Pest control service for the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

General Pest Treatment consists of treatment to exterior, interior and also roof void.   With liquid application to the exterior of your home, light misting to your internal walls, disbursing dust into your roof void and application of gels into kitchen cupboards our treatments consist of using non toxic, odourless, pet friendly and registered products for all your pest problems.

Our treatments are annual and provide the ultimate protection against annoying and nasty insects.

  • Ant Control

  • Flea Treatment

  • Rodent Control

Pests in your home can be very distressing and can be costly if not treated quickly.

Get a comprehensive report before you purchase your house or protect the one you have.

If you have found termites in your home, please go here for information

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Ant Treatment

We provide the ultimate ant treatments available to customers that are experiencing ant problems both inside your home or walls or outside and also garden areas etc.  Our registered non toxic products provide the ultimate treatment which will conquer your ant problem whilst still providing a safe non toxic environment around your home. Our ant treatments are second to none and come with a full guarantee.

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Flea Treatment

Flea eggs can lay dormant for many many months and once detect movement, heat and the right conditions you can experience a major outbreak within a few days to you and your pets.   Our flea treatments consist of treatment to live fleas and also flea eggs which is very important in stopping the fleas life cycle. We provide numerous treatments for fleas.

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Rodent Control

Rodents are quite a large pest throughout Queensland.   Whilst carrying many harmful and also deadly diseases they can also cause significant damage to many homes, vehicles, shed and equipment.

Have been known to start house fires and also expensive damage done to vehicles etc by chewing on electrical wiring or other rubber like products.  Some severe cases home insurance may be breached if rodents have not been controlled if the worst was to happen.

Our baiting systems provide exceptional value and control.   We can supply numerous forms of baits depending on each property containing pets etc. Our single kill baits provide safe control of rodents in the event should your pet decide to consume a dead rodent which will not effect your loved pets.

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